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Seakayak Cartwheel
Tuesday, January 30, 2007

So I've been busy editing and all the other stuff associated with finishing off a DVD! I'm so close now and will finish the editing this week. ( I HAVE to finish the editing this week to get the DVDs made in good time for the launch! ) I've had a bit of time for play - Alun and I paddled around the Stacks in a bit of a blow last weekend and we've been walking lots in the hills.

A week ago, we went out with Aled and Gemma to film them 'testing' Rockpools brand new Greenland style rolling kayak. I'd already told Aled that I wasn't really interested in filming it if they were just paddling on flat water and it needed to be a bit exciting! Well, he made pretty good on that promise. Trearduur Bay in Angelsey was full of white sea spray and powerful breaking waves. We got some good shots of Aled and Gemma immersed in it all and Aled even did a very real storm roll! Then Aled set himself up for a pretty steep wave. And the whole wave broke on top of him - the front of his kayak went straight down and the back popped up vertically about the same time as the front was sucked down with the breaking wave. That flung the back over towards shore where it too dug in deep. The back hit the bottom sending the front shooting up vertically in the air. Is this the first seakayak cartwheel caught on film? Will this become roll number 36 in the Greenland kayak rolling championships?

Don't try to understand my description - have a sneaky look at it right here.

This clip is slow-motioned to 1/5 of the original speed - so it all happened pretty quickly! You can see a few minutes of the action in 'This is the Sea 3', out March 10th. You can pre-order it here if you want, or get it from your local shop at the time.

I'll be working on a promo clip for the whole video early next week and will post that on the website then.

Thanks to Derrick for putting this video clip on the website - he snuck the Rockpool logo on there... nothing to do with me!!

To wrap, or not to wrap
Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Ok, so I'm sharing a dilema with you. I'd like to do my little bit for the planet with 'This is the Sea 3' and I'd like to make 'Tthe DVDs using recycled inserts and NOT using any shrink wrap ( cellophane). I think it's a terrible waste that people just rip off the plastic and throw it away. I don't like the thought that I'm causing a few thousand bits of plastic to go to landfill. However, I don't want to put off customers who want a product that they absolutely know is NEW. And some shops or distributors may even insist on it ?

I'd be interested to hear your thoughts.

The photo is of my trip Foula in Shetland last Summer - which i've just finished editing today!

TITS 3 - coming soon
Sunday, January 14, 2007

So I couldn't resist a little joke when I saw 3 birds eating our fatball outside my window. Of course, TITS 3 is not some dodgy blog post, but shorthand for my new DVD 'This is the Sea 3' - it could also be the 3 long tailed tits that came to feed at my window!?

I'm nearing the end of my editing and reflecting a bit on how this DVD differs from the previous two. Each one to some extent shows what I've been doing for the last 18 months, and also the fascinating seakayakers that I've been fortunate to meet and film. The 3rd DVD stands out to me for it's expedition footage. There are substantial 3 features about journeys - the longest is a 40min programme about 3 Aussies kayaking almost 800km down the Antarctic penisula. It's a great film full of drama and humour. It features Andrew McAuley who is, as I type, paddling across the Tasman Sea from Tasmania to New Zealand is pretty much a standard kayak. I think he's one of the most determined and accomplished adventurers out there at the moment and I wish him all the best.

Another expedition is my trip from mainland Scotland to Shetland with my partner Alun. It's probably the most committing crossing in UK waters, with two 25 nautical mile crossings in areas of strong currents and notorious tidal races. We had our fair share of excitement on the water aswell as seeing fantastic birdlife on Fair Isle.

The final trip is Alun and I exploring the remotest Faroe Islands. These are incredibly beautiful steep rocky islands with cliffs up to 800metres rising straight from the water. The people are wonderful and we were invited into their homes, fed delicacies, treated to live music crammed into a schoolroom, and shown puffin hunting. Oh and I can't forget our force 11 gale which caused lasting damage.

There's also great tidal race action, Greenland style rolling and features on legendary paddlers including Paul Caffyn. You can see more information here, and you can pre-order from my website if you want to get the DVD first. Good kayaking stores will also be stocking the DVD so make sure your local shop orders some!

I better stop typing and get back to editing so it's ready for the launch at Canoecopia on March 10th.

Skiing in Val D'Isere
Tuesday, January 02, 2007

I'm ripping it up in Val D'Isere for New Year, skiing with Alun and some of my family.

I spent New Year's eve throwing up ( not alcohol induced) but after a day recovering I'm now feeling ready to hit the slopes again. It' a shame it's high winds and poor visibility today and most of the lifts are closed, but Alun and I are going to brave it anyway this afternoon. At least we have a hot tub to jump into at the end of the day! And it's been snowing hard for 2 days so tomorrow should be great!!

The photo is Alun and my sister's boyfriend Alistair ( could be confusing!) heading down towards Tignes.

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