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Friday, November 28, 2008


The mist shrouded Barry, Jim Krawiecki and I as we paddled out to Hilbre island at the mouth of the Dee Estuary this morning. We could only see about 30 metres away so I was glad when a black smudge appeared ahead of us. Jim brought along the trophy that he collected for me at Kendal Mountain Film Festival, and a bottle of booze that came with the prize. The trophy was made by Andy Parkin, sculptor and climber.


New Zealand film wins "Best Mountain Adventure Film" at Kendal Mountain Film Festival
Sunday, November 23, 2008

I'm really excited that the 50 minute film of my and Barry's circumnavigation of the South island has won a major prize!

Kendal Mountain Film Festival is the UK's largest adventure film festival and one of the big 4 mountain film festivals, alongside Banff in Canada ( which I was too late to enter). Today it was announced that the film won the 'best Mountain Adventure Film' award which is a great honor. The sharp ones amongst you may have noticed that the NZ film is not strictly a MOUNTAIN adventure - however most 'Mountain Film Festivals' are broad enough to show other outdoor adventure films aswell, and there isn't a 'best adventure film' category. I'm very grateful to the judges for being broad-minded enough to chose a seakayaking film as the winner and I personally think it says a lot for the film to win here!

Unfortunately I can't be there to collect the prize as I'm still in New York, but Jim Krawiecki is collecting it on my behalf.

I should remind you that the NZ film is just one part of the "This is the Sea 4" DVD double disc set ....... so it's a real bargain!

There is another review of the "This is the Sea 4" on the Solent Seakayaking blog.

The last US premiere of "This is the Sea 4" was last night in New York City organised by Marcus DeMuth and the Manhattan Kayak Company The tour has been a great success with well over 1,000 people seeing the premiere version of the film in 10 different locations. It wasn't all 'work' and we got to go seakayaking 9 times, in 6 different US states. Tonight we go home, and we're looking forward to that aswell!

Sub Zero in Connecticut!
Saturday, November 22, 2008


We continue to see our breath in front of us and anxiously guard our fingers on the West coast. Yesterday we paddled at Wicopesset Passage in Connecticut with Sid, Turner, Nick, Ron & Paula. The air temperature was hovering around freezing, and the wind wasn't helping but the sun was out and we had fun playing in the race that forms there.

Tonight Barry and I are in New York City at Pier 66 Boathouse for the last premiere on our tour, before we return home tomorrow.

There are a few more premieres happening soon in Montreal, Toronto and Wellington, New Zealand so if you live near-by then you can also get a chance to see an hour long version of the DVD FOR FREE and mingle with other seakayakers. The details are below.

Saturday 25th November Montreal, Quebec
There is a premiere in Montreal, Quebec on November 25th at le Sergent Recruteur, a micro-brewry, at 19h30. Entry is free. (4801 St-Laurent Blvd, Montreal)

At 'Complete Paddler' at 1pm
RSVP to gerald croney

28th November New Zealand
New Zealand premier in Wellington on Friday 28th November, 7pm in the Spectrum Theatre.


New York New York
Thursday, November 20, 2008

The almost freezing temperature in New York has been a bit of a shock to the system after shorts and t-shirts in Florida but we braved the icy wind and had a good paddle today in NYC. A very different paddle to what I'm used to - with cliffs of steel and glass and so many boats whizzing around everywhere. We're staying with Sid Stone who showed us the city last night, including going to the top of the Rockerfeller building and a horse drawn cart around Central Park. Thanks to Sid.

Tomorrow ( Thursday) is the Connecticut premiere in Middletown organised by Connyak.
In the UK, this coming weekend the New Zealand film and the Dubside film are showing at the Kendal Mountain Film Festival, the UKs largest mountain film festival.

Gators and Manatees in Florida
Tuesday, November 18, 2008

We had a great premiere in Florida at Sweetwater Kayaks. Russell Farrow who is one of the owners of Sweetwater is also in a band called Sisemore, who played live at the premiere. I used one of their songs, Butterfly Breeze in the New Zealand documentary on "This is the Sea 4", and it was really moving to hear them play it live.

We've spend the last 2 days on 2 fantastic paddles. Alligators one day and manatees the next!! Both days were on rivers - the first on the Myakka river and today on the Weeke Watche. We also saw loads of birds and enjoyed the peacefulness of the wild places.

"This is the Sea 4" on the big BIG screen
Saturday, November 15, 2008

It was quite exciting last night to drive down the street in Chicago and to see 'This is the Sea 4' written on the cinema screen near Geneva. Especially as tomorrow night Davey Jones from the Monkees is permorming there tomorrow night! Obviously he saw that it must be a worthy cinema if they have a great kayaking movie there the night before!

It was a fun event, hosted by Geneva Kayak Centre with over 100 people attending. It was great to see "This is the Sea 4" on a HUGE screen. When I took a photo from the back I realized just how BIG the screen was.

The San Diego event the night before hosted by Aqua Adventures was also great, with a similar number of people showing up for food and beer provided by Jen of Aqua Adventures. And we had a great days WARM surfing in a shortie cag on a wonderful reef break surrounded by pelicans.......

Before that we had a wonderful drive down the California coast with lots of beach and cove walks.

I'll write more later and post pictures, I just have a brief internet connection over breakfast on the way to the airport. next stop Florida!


On tour....
Tuesday, November 11, 2008



The premiere tour of "This is the Sea 4" continues to go well, with 2 countries, 3 American states and 5 showings in 9 days! I'm tired just thinking about it!

We had a fun paddle in windy conditions at Half Moon Bay yesterday followed by a showing of the film. Thanks to Andy at Golden Gate Kayaking for organising it and to everyone for showing up! Thanks also to Yoshiko and Russ for putting us up for 2 days and looking after us really well!

We're rented a car for the next few days and are making our way down to San Diego in time for a premiere there on Thursday.

There are a few more reviews of "This is the Sea 4" appearing in various languages.

Click here for one in German from Kanu Magazine

Here is one in American!


Portland premiere and Columbia River Gorge Paddle
Saturday, November 08, 2008

The Portland Premier was packed - the Mission Theatre was full to capacity with 304 people! Sorry to anyone who had to be turned away. Alder Creek did a great job of organising the event and publicising it so thanks a lot to them. We had a fun paddle yesterday down the Columbia River Gorge with Jon Walpole. The gorge often acts like a wind tunnel and is famous for down wind paddling runs. Yesterday it was very calm and we enjoyed a mellow scenic paddle. Today we are going for a hike, and then fly down to San Francisco for a paddle and premiere there on Sunday


Orcas & Seattle Premieres, parties and paddles!
Friday, November 07, 2008



It's been a busy few days, with a premiere on Orcas island and one in Seattle, both with good turn outs. Plus a great paddle and a nice walk in the San Juan islands. Thanks a lot to "Body Boat Blade" for driving us down to Seattle, and buying pizza and beer for everyone who attended, aswell as organising the San Juan islands premiere. Thanks also to Seattle Raft & Kayak company for providing the venue. Last night we stayed with Nigel and Kristen Foster and had a look around Kristen's wonderful ceramics studio. Thanks to them for hosting us.
We were sad to leave Shawna and Leon from BBB today, but are excited to head south to Portland for a premiere there tonight at the Mission Theatre. I'm sitting in the theatre now, 15 minutes before people arrive. It's a great venue with a huge screen, lots of seats and a bar!



Vancouver premiere and paddling!
Monday, November 03, 2008

It's amazing how quickly you can be in a different place! On Saturday morning we had breakfast in England and by the afternoon we were being picked up by Mike Callahan from the Eco-Marine kayak shop in Vancouver. By the evening we were presenting the DVD to about 100 people, trying not to think about the fact that it was about 3am for us! It was a fun evening and good to meet lots of enthusiastic people and see a few people again. Thanks for everyone who showed up, to Michael, Eco-marine and West Coast paddler for organising and presenting the event and to Lendal Paddles and Ocean Kayak for sponsoring Barry and my travel expenses to make it all possible.

Yesterday Michael drove us down to Deception Pass where we met Shawna and Leon, Dubside Tom, Anne & Steve for an afternoon paddle. Now we're back on Orcas for a couple of days, about to go for a walk up Turtleback mountain!

Thanks to Dan from West Coast Paddler - I'm having trouble getting photos from my camera so I stole one of his from his website without permission! I hope that's OK and that you forgive me, Dan! You can read what people thought about the premiere and DVD here

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