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"This is the Sea 4" on the big BIG screen
Saturday, November 15, 2008

It was quite exciting last night to drive down the street in Chicago and to see 'This is the Sea 4' written on the cinema screen near Geneva. Especially as tomorrow night Davey Jones from the Monkees is permorming there tomorrow night! Obviously he saw that it must be a worthy cinema if they have a great kayaking movie there the night before!

It was a fun event, hosted by Geneva Kayak Centre with over 100 people attending. It was great to see "This is the Sea 4" on a HUGE screen. When I took a photo from the back I realized just how BIG the screen was.

The San Diego event the night before hosted by Aqua Adventures was also great, with a similar number of people showing up for food and beer provided by Jen of Aqua Adventures. And we had a great days WARM surfing in a shortie cag on a wonderful reef break surrounded by pelicans.......

Before that we had a wonderful drive down the California coast with lots of beach and cove walks.

I'll write more later and post pictures, I just have a brief internet connection over breakfast on the way to the airport. next stop Florida!



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