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Home sweet home
Wednesday, April 26, 2006

I've been spending a lot of time at home recently - more time than I'd like editing a TV series but quite a bit of time enjoying North Wales. From exploring the slate quarries just 15 minutes walk from here, to climbing, surfing and sea kayaking. This photo shows the view from the lake we live besides. That's Snowdon on the right in the distance. We live on the opposite side of the lake about 700foot up. That's it for now! It's the Anglesey seakayaking symposium this weekend which should be fun then Alun and I are going to spend about 10 days in Cornwall climbing, surfing and sea kayaking. The holidays are just around the corner.....


Blogger Michael said...

Are those the new Swan seakayaks we've been hearing so much about? Hard to recognize from the real thing...

Enjoy your holidays!

1:46 am  
Anonymous Marcus Choy said...

Yea I know what you mean.

I've been back for a couple of weeks and it still consumes me.
I will be going by Jim's at Riptides and Rapids and drop off Paul's book some time this week. I am almost finished up with my blog of my trip. I have the last week left to write up. If you are still interested in reading it
( forgive my bad english )

"I only speak two languages. English and Bad English" - Corbin Dallas "The 5th Element"
cheers Marcus

7:35 pm  
Blogger Tillerman said...

That's a beautiful spot. Used to do a lot of mountain walking around there when I used to live in Wales.

4:00 am  

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