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 Justine's Journal

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Falls of Lora by seakayak
Monday, October 09, 2006


What a great few days - and what a feature the Falls of Lora is!

Alun and I have been to the West Coast of Scotland to film some awesome paddlers playing on 2 infamous tidal races - the pretty and relatively friendly Grey Dogs and the mighty munching Falls of Lora. It was exciting to be part of the procession of vans loaded with shiny seakayaks darting from fantastic paddling location to local pub to scary, amazing paddling location to another friendly pub.... and so it went on....

I have a brand new boat - continuing on the 'big cat' theme! I'm really pleased with her and very grateful to Scott in the NDK factory for doing such a good paint job! I wanted a shorter boat than my Explorer so it would be easier to maneouver and surf in the tidal races and sure enough, my new Romany looked after me!


The Falls of Lora in particular impressed me. It's a tidal rapid which flows under the bridge of Connel. On the ebb, the seawater in Loch Etive pours out through the narrows over shallow ledges and provides some very swirly water, some nasty churning boils and some great surfing waves. It's more like a river than the tidal races I am used to, with sharper eddy lines and sucking whirlpools. I was glad to be in a buoyant seakayak ( rather than a small playboat)! Alun and Webby ( from Rockpool) filmed from the bridge and I filmed a bit from the water.


Watch out for some great footage in 'This is the Sea 3', due out 31st March 2007. You heard it here first!

We finished off by joining in with the first UK Storm Gathering symposium on Mull. The organiser Mark Tozer managed to provide the promised storms but no-one seemed to mind as the atmosphere at the event was great. Mull is a really dramatic island and I'll definately return there sometime.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

still a long time to wait! :-)

10:25 am  
Blogger Justine Curgenven said...

You must mean march 31st is a long time to wait!? I have a lot of editing (and a bit of filming) to do between now and then so for me it feels very very soon !!

10:37 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

this is quiet philosophic, isn´t it. as we both want it to be finished?
have fun editing, take your time.

6:02 pm  
Blogger Michael said...

Love the new 'tiger skin' look of your Romany! A sort of 'skin-on-frame'. ;-)

Why not post some clips to for us to begin the salivation process!

3:16 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You've now got the sea kayaking world waiting on the edge of their seats for the next dvd Justine. Really looking forward to seeing it :-)
Oh, and the new boat looks great!

Geoff in Tas

9:54 am  
Blogger Hans said...

Hi Justine!

The Falls of Lora look very impressive. Must have been great fun over there!

And then I saw the picture of Axel stuck in. Please be carefull with Axel! In the Netherlands we want him back in good shape: lot's of work to do in the "Commissie Zeekajakvaren" ;-)

greetings, Hans

10:59 pm  
Blogger Justine Curgenven said...

hi Hans,
Don't you worry about Axel! He was more than fine! He even let go of his usual calm and yipped with delight a few times!! I'm editing it now and the problem is that I've got too many good shots to chose from. Thanks to Alun and Webby for filming with me. Webby usually hangs out in a dark room making Rockpool kayaks but last week we discovered he has a hidden talent with a video camera!

9:54 pm  
Anonymous Kieran said...

Wow looks amazing. Thanks.
Funny though that most of your pictures (except the last one) look you are going against the current: like you're paddling uphill.

6:54 am  
Blogger laurie01 said...

Sea kayaking is really cool. I've watched some instructional dvd’s and wanted to experience the thrill.

3:07 am  

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