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 Justine's Journal

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Woodruff Bay
Thursday, July 26, 2007

Leon called. They had a nice send-off from Rose Harbour with fresh muffins and then had to battle big headwinds for 15-20 nm to a camp on Woodruff Bay looking at Cape St. James. They are all well but looking forward to rounding the cape and getting the wind at their backs. I could hear the wind on the satellite phone for the first time. They were enjoying their 4th fire (not sure why they are counting). Leon said they can easily view the evidence of why this area is known for it's high winds since they are seeing thousands trees blown down by the winds. No shortage of firewood. Leon said he was looking at eagle tracks in the sand as he was talking to me. The satellite photos shows Woodruff Bay and Cape St. James. I've included a photo of Justine washing her drysuit.


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oh NO!! It's a floater!

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