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Bardsey lambs & track
Monday, March 23, 2009

Axel and I went to Bardsey on Sunday, in a brisk breeze. Axel hasn't been there since about 2002 so we took the scenic tour, including using the eddy close to the mainland, and then going around the island. I also thought Axel would appreciate a slightly longer and more challenging route so we chose to go to the island with the strong tidal streams giving us more hindrance than help. ( If we'd left from "Whistling Sands' on the West coast of the Llyn, we'd have been able to drop onto the island using the ebb, and make the most of the afternoon flood to take us back later).

You can see the resulting 'tracks' that we made on our journey, as recorded by our Blackberry and the free Sanoodi software. The tide is strongest nearest to land and you can see that we were swept downstream as we approached our destinations on the way there, and back. On the way back we were aiming about ENE, even though the tide tide took us much further West than this!

Once on Bardsey, the Porter family were very busy in the middle of the lambing season. After a cup of tea, Axel and I were happy to help move some young lambs from the stable where they were being looked after to the field outside. Steve took the mum while we got to carry the cute cuddly lambs. Later we went on 'patrol' with Steve and Jo looking for any new-born lambs, or any mothers who needed some help with a difficult birth. We saw 3 new lambs come into the world - 1 set of twins and 1 single lamb. Despite the goo, there is something magical about new life!

The technology I used to track our progress to and from Bardsey will be used on my next trip. In theory, an update from 'twitter' should alert people to the start of a new paddle, and you can follow along live, or check the progress once we're reached our destination. For some reason, the twitter update part didn't work on the paddle to Bardsey - perhaps because the phone signal was very week? I'm trying to find out if that can be fixed.

Click HERE to see the outward route to Bardsey and HERE to see the return route on the Sanoodi website, from where you can navigate around and look at other things.

You can read Axel's account of the trip here.


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