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 Justine's Journal

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Open Canoe Slalom National Championships
Friday, July 31, 2009

I'm in Wausau ( pronounced like Warsaw in Poland) but this one is in Wisconsin, America! There is a good artificial whitewater course here and it's hosting the ACA open canoe national championships. I've been here for 2 days of practice and the 3 day event kicks off tomorrow. It's a totally new thing for me but I find it fascinating. Some of these guys are really precise, and it's different for them in an open boat from a kayak as they have to take drier lines to prevent their canoes filling up with water.

I have mainly been filming John Kaz, who has won over 90 national titles ( mostly in Slalom but also in marathon and downriver canoeing). He's really good to watch as he makes it look effortless and easy - not surprising really with that track record. i've been able to try out my new camera mounts and they work pretty well on the canoes and i've got some good shots.

I've also been filming Ely Helbert, two times world play boating champion for OC1 ( open canoe). I was very nervous when my camera was on the front of his kayak as he pirouetted and rolled in a shallow hole, but both Ely and camera came up unscathed!

I also filmed Carolyn Peterson, many times US National Champion in various canoe disciplines.

I got to have a go at the lower half of the course with John Kaz in a tandem canoe which was great fun. We only hit rocks twice and we made most of the gates which I thought was quite good considering I am almost a complete beginner at this!! I really enjoyed it and would have liked to have a few more gos but he was saving himself for tomorrow ( or perhaps he was concerned for the canoe!!)

I'll try and post some photos soon!

over and out from wisconsin!


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