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Thursday, December 03, 2009

Last Saturday a windy forecast & big swell kept us from venturing onto the more exposed parts of the coast. Instead we opted for a 'sheltered' but longish paddle from Moel y Don on the Menai Straits, south and then out of the Straits to Lladwyn island. I've only paddled this stretch of coast once before and that was when I paddled around the whole of Anglesey in a day so I wasn't really stopping to see the sights! A 30km round trip was enough on this day and we ended up returning practically in the dark. Barry's godson Jake was visiting so he went in the double with Barry. The mountains of Snowdonia and the LLyn peninsula looked beautiful with a dusting of snow and I really enjoyed the different scenery and fresh crisp air!!

I tried out a Valley Aquanaut LV and Barry and I tried out Mitchell Paddles, which we liked.


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