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 Justine's Journal

CackleTV Productions


Family Birthday
Sunday, October 22, 2006

My sister and I are in Jersey for my mothers 60th birthday celebrations. All I've done for 3 days is eat and talk (OK, and drink) - I can't complain really; as my wise friend Tom once said 'Eating is a pleasure you can have 3 times a day every day - why deny yourself'! However, I better not do that every weekend!

Just to prove that I'm not always in gortex, here are 2 photos of our 2 evenings out - showing me with my parents and my sister Holly. I did manage to meet up with seapaddlers Kevin and Nicky Mansell for breakfast at Plemont beach this morning and enviously watched clean lines of 5foot surf crashing down onto the beach - not a surfer in sight. I do have a surfboard and a shorty wetsuit in Jersey, but I have more food to eat at my parent's house and a 3pm flight home, so the surf will have to keep crashing onto the sand, without breaking over my head on the way! Maybe Wales tomorrow.....???


Anonymous A girl from Amur tiger country said...

Hello Justine,you look very beautiful on these photos. I like your blog - easy to read.

2:15 am  

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