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 Justine's Journal

CackleTV Productions


Monday, February 05, 2007

Well, phew.... 'This is the Sea 3' has flown out of my computer. The editing is over at last!!! I'll post the master tapes off today and in about 3 weeks time the finished DVDs will arrive ( maybe slightly longer in the States because I have to post a master DVD over there). So now Derrick and I are madly finalising the back cover, and near the top of my long list of things to do is editing a promotional clip which I'll put on the website in the next few days. For now here's a photo of a demanding visitor we got to the house today. There I am with my eyes glued to the TV checking the master tapes for any drop-out or glitches and there's a loud bang on the window. The pheasant who seems to be resident in the garden had decided we had been neglecting feeding him so he came to the glass door to say 'hey, whatever you're doing isn't THAT important. I need some food!' Alun opened the door and he came right into the house!

I know I don't often write about general happenings in the seakayaking world, but if you're not aware of Andrew McAuley's expedition to kayak from Tasmania to New Zealand then you should check out his website and read the daily reports that his wife has been writing. It's amazing what he is doing, in little more than a standard kayak. I'm proud to have one of Andrew's other adventures featured in 'This is the Sea 3' - an amazing 800km journey that he made down the Antarctic peninsula with Laurie Geogheon, and Stu Trueman. He got back from that trip last February... he doesn't sit still for long!! See his blog here


Blogger Wendy Killoran said...

AWESOME!!! Great clip, Justine. I love the music and what a variety of incredible paddlers. And conditions, including lightning!!

I must say, I once had a mallard duck at my doorstep who also waddled in my house for a free handout. You just never know who will be knocking at your door!

3:26 am  

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