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Wild and Windy Wales
Sunday, December 03, 2006

We optimistically strapped the surf boats to the van roof, just in case all the webcams and forecasts were lying about the gale force winds and wild white seas. Plan A was really a walk in the elements to North and South Stack on Anglesey, but the boats were there on the slim chance that we'd find a surf bay protected from the Force 11 winds. Needless to say we didn't, and we parked the van as much out of the wind as possible and had fun trying to walk on the cliff path without being blown off it, peering through our hands at the stinging spray and the heavy waves pounding down on the sea and shooting 20 metres up the grey cliffs. Bits of gorse were being blown up gullies like tumbleweed, and at times I couldn't stay on the path while remaining upright. Definately a day to enjoy watching the water from the land!



Blogger Michael said...

Yikes! So happy you got out for a hike and left the boats on the van! Looks like both you and the sea got a good workout.


1:12 pm  

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