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 Justine's Journal

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Fun with Friends
Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Two of my favourite people in the world have just been visiting the UK, and I've managed to catch up with them inbetween them doing their Level 5 coach training. Shawna Franklin and Leon Sommes are such fun, enthusiastic, happy people that I find myself smiling just to be with them. Apart from the fun evenings catching up in bars, Indian restaurants and houses, we managed to get on the water twice, with the lovely Axel Schoevers from the Netherlands. On Saturday we went to Puffin Island to see the seals and have a bit of a surf in the tidal race. A seal tried to eat my toggle on my tigerskin boat, before putting it's head onto my paddle!

Yesterday Tara joined us and we intended to go to Penrhyn Mawr tidal race. We got distracted surfing the 3-5foot waves on Portdafarch Beach for 45minutes, and were already uncertain about tackling the infamous tidal race in the large swell and the force 4/5 wind. As we approached the headland where we can see Penrhyn Mawr, the waves reached several metres high and although they mosly didn't break, it was exhilerating, and occasionally unnerving, to be pointing nearly vertically uphill then nearly vertically downhill! When we were on the top of a crest we occassionally got a glimpse of Penrhyn Mawr. It was impossible to judge the conditions perfectly but there was alot of white water and we decided to take the safer option and surf the swell in the opposite direction to Trearrdur Bay. It was a beautiful day with moody clouds and plenty of salt spray and just fun to be on the water with friends. I love big swells for making you feel so alive. We had some lunch at Trearrdur Bay and another surf in the beach break, before heading back to Porthdafarch against the wind. What a lovely day on the water! Leon was wearing my leopard skin explorer and it was great to see him in it (although Igot a bit confused at times since I am usually in it!). Thanks to Axel for the photos!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let's see, Justine was in her tiger skin, Leon in the leopard... oh, what was poor Shawna wearing to the race? ;-) Looks like lots of fun!

3:05 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As usual always something cool when I check in here.

Love the pics in the textured water and the tigerstriped Romany !

5:12 am  
Anonymous DSD said...

That kind of water really gives that feeling. Love the tiger look!

2:04 pm  
Anonymous Johan said...

Hi Justine
Searching the web for pictures of the Romany Surf I bumped inte your blog, hope it´s allright that I use the picture, I already did :)

take care

10:12 am  

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