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Monday, April 02, 2007

Here's a quick goodbye from Port Welshpool. It's 12 noon here and the tide starts flooding out of here at 1.45pm. We're all packed and watching the water creeping slowly towards our kayaks which are loaded full of far too much food and all our other kit. We hope to make it about 25km down the coast to Johnny Souey Cove today, then tomorrow the plan is to go another 20km down the coast or so to Refuge Cove. The forecast is good the following day (Wed) for the first big crossing to Hogan Island. If the promissed light and variable winds arrive then we'll get up in the dark and head over to Hogan, where we're told lots of penguins and rats await us! I'm looking forward to seeing one of those, and I think you can probably guess which one!

Right, time to hitch 5km back to Alun and the kayaks and off we go!

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Blogger fullmoon said...

have a safe and fun trip!

Eagerly anticipating the arrival of those "This is The Sea" DVDs ;)

2:53 am  

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