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 Justine's Journal

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Gordon Islands
Friday, July 27, 2007

Justine called last night from the Gordon Islands. They have rounded Cape St. James and are heading up the west coast! The conditions were accommodating with a 1-2 foot swell, winds not too strong and about 1 1/2 kt. of current. But even though the weather was good, Justine said they could still feel the power of the place as the paddled around the cape. A sea lion colony was there and they saw many puffins. They also saw another humpback whale. Ironically the wind blew from the north for awhile so they had a headwind for a short time. In camp, they had the last of Leon's scotch. They are enjoying their pace of around 10-15 nm, which is allowing them time to enjoy the land as well as the sea. Tomorrow the plan is to visit the Haida Watchman at Ninstints on Anthony island due west of the Gordon islands. I've included a photo of the Sgang Gwaay pole they will find there and a photo of Leon and a totem pole from earlier in their journey.


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