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 Justine's Journal

CackleTV Productions


"This is the Sea 4" released 18th October - Double Disc set!
Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I'm locked away in a dark room right now, busy editing "This is the Sea 4" so it can be on the shelves of your local kayaking store in time for Christmas. I've done an amazing amount of kayaking in the last 18 months - over 7 months worth of trips and symposiums in fact!! All in the interests of giving you an action packed DVD full of fantastic locations. In fact, I've got so much great material that "This is the Sea 4" is going to be a double-disc set, and the good news is that it will still be the same price as the others, $29.95, £20 or Euro 29.95. If making these DVDs were purely a business venture for me then I would be crazy to give you so much good stuff in one DVD when I could hold over half of it for a later date, but I can't help being passionate about what I do and I want to share it all and inspire everyone else to get out on the water.

Editing is going well, it's not over yet and things may change a little bit but here's the line up so far. Or read about it on the webpage here.

There are 3 fascinating expedition stories; Haida culture & humpback whales around British Columbia's Queen Charlotte islands; island hopping from Australia to Tasmania across the Bass Strait, & a 2400km trip around the stunning South island of New Zealand complete with intimidating surf & a helicopter evacuation.

Rough water rolling, Greenland rope gymnastics & commando kayaking with DUBSIDE, Kayak fishing in San Diego, Rock hopping in Baja, kayaking fun with father and son in Norways stunning fjords, paddling the Dead Sea in Israel, Seakayaking the Grade 4 Ottawa River, Lake Superiors Apostle islands AND MORE....

You can read more about the DVD on it's own dedicated webpage.

There is a preview clip of the New Zealand expedition, and soon there will be another preview clip on there.
I hope you like the front cover, designed by Derrick Mayoleth from

The exciting news continues, Barry and I are going 'on tour' with the DVD across North America. Thanks to sponsorship from "Lendal", we'll be presenting an hour long version of the DVD at about 8 different locations including Vancouver, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, San Diego, Chicago, Florida & New York. Details are still being sorted out, but if there is one near you then I hope to see you there! You can see the details of the tour on the webpage.

We'll also be presenting the DVD in the UK at the Edinburgh Mountain Film Festival on 18th October, and at the Scottish Canoe Show in Perth on 25th and 26th October.

And if you can't wait to see it then you can also now pre-order the DVD to make sure it arrives as soon as it's ready. Go to the shop here. Shipping is free for a limited time!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Justine...looking forward to the new dvd...the wife says its a christmas gift idea so I have to wait....sheesshh thats like taking a kid in a candy store and saying don't eat any candy haha...would love to have you and Barry come by Toronto while your on your dvd tour...Gerry

1:02 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey there, TItS2 is gonna be great! All the kayakers here abouts were really buzzing with excitement when you passed through British Columbia eariler this year.

I live many hundreds of kilometers inland and they were even talking about it out here; your reputation proceeds you...

I think that the music in the last TItS was not as good as the other two (especially the first one) you should dig really deep on the music; lots of indy stuff!

11:43 pm  

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