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Fjord and Waves in Norway
Thursday, May 29, 2008


Barry and I are in Norway for the Njord sea kayak symposium near Bergen. We came a few days early to go paddling with some locals in some of their favourite spots. Thanks to Ronny from the shop 'God Tur' ( the distributor of my DVDs in Norway) for organising a great couple of days and to the other great guys for coming along. Yesterday we drove up to Naeroyfjorden, one of the most spectacular fjords in Norway and paddled to a great campspot for a lovely evening around a campfire. The mountains rise over 1,200 metres from the fjord and we were constantly gazing up at different amazing waterfalls and overhanging grey cliffs. Amongst the paddlers was a 15 year old boy Joakim who had incredible balance and paddled standing up in his cockpit for 8km on the first day (!) and who could not only stand up on the back deck of his kayak, but jump from there to the front deck of the kayak! And back!


Today we paddled back down the fjord and then headed to Bulken, which is a famous standing wave on the Vosso river which is popular with whitewater kayaks and surf boards but as far as the locals know has never been paddled in a seakayak before. Barry had the honour of being the first seakayaker to surf on the wave, which was really playful and fun. Camilla, Hallvard & Kjell also got stuck in. It was great fun but the water is VERY cold though!!

Tomorrow we are running an incident management course, then on the weekend is the symposium!


Blogger Havstril said...

Thanks for the very inspiring talk on the New Zealand trip at the Njord symposium. I think I would have perished like seven times in similar conditions. Well done to both of you, and I certainly look forward to seeing the final product... Trond, Norway

12:51 pm  

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