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clean and well fed in Sardinia
Saturday, April 18, 2009

We stayed last night in the Lemon House B & B in Lotzorai which specialises in catering for climbers, walkers, bikers and kayakers. It is great to be clean and to have slept in a proper bed. We went out for a pizza last night with Peter and Anne from the B&B, with some Austrian climbers and with Francesco Muntoni, from Cardedu kayak, a local kayak guide. We are now having a relaxing breakfast with Peter,Anne and 2 English climbers before getting back on the water this afternoon.

Sardinia is a really beautiful island. The coast is largely rugged with loads of small hidden bays and its usually easy to find lovely isolated beaches to camp on. we have slept on tiny sandy coves, cresents of gravel, in pine trees and on endless dunes. There are amazing stretches of cliffs with caves and arches. we have also camped on the outskirts of towns and villages so we can look around and go out for food. The coast isnt very developed except for tourist houses in a lot of the bigger bays. most of these are empty as the season hasnt started yet so its a bit odd to kayak past ghost towns! beachside cafes are mostly closed and its hard to find a restaurant open in the evenings, although you can usually get a Sardinian beer.

The wind is very unpredictable and usually doesnt follow the forecast but it hasnt been so strong to make us turn back yet. we have tended to get off the water if it picks up to more than a force 3 or 4 against us as wed rather be on the land looking around and enjoying the place than working hard for little gain!! weve had it behind us a couple of days which has been very nice.

ok, time to get organised and get paddling. the coast ahead of us today is one of the most beautiful stretches with towering cliffs, impressive sea stacks, hidden caves and sandy beaches.... or so weve been told!


Blogger Iceland Circumnavigation said...

Hi Justine and Barry,

this sounds like a lovely trip!

Enjoy this Sardinian beer!



1:32 pm  
Blogger Gianluigi said...

Hi !
Good trip!
But just an ask for you: how many times you needed to complete the sardinian sea tour?
I'm a young boy that had never tried a kayak but i decided to begin now. For this summer i would like to take a kayak and go .. go .. go..along the sardinian bays.. i know it's not easy, but, do you think it's completely impossible for me ? ( i beleve in : IMPOSSIBLE IS NOTHING, but sometimes i'm too ingenuous .. )

9:03 pm  
Blogger Justine Curgenven said...

hi Gianluigi,
It took us 29 days to complete the circumnavigation. There are details on my website blog now. I'm sure you can kayak along the Sardinian bays - i would recommend getting some instruction first so that you can do this safely. I think there are many places around sardinia where you can join a club, or go on a class. If there is a kayak club near to you then this would be a great way to start!
good luck,

2:40 pm  

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