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Tasu Sound
Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Leon called last night and all is well. Many thanks to Kokatat for sponsoring the expedition by supplying a satellite phone. The phone has worked quite well for the entire trip. On Tuesday they rested up all day in the sheltered waters and cabin in Puffin Cove and Leon recovered from feeling sick. Yesterday they paddled about 23 nm to Tasu Sound. They are camped by the lighthouse on the south side of the entrance to the sound. Again the winds were from the north (not prevailing) but they were light so they didn't present a problem. Leon said they were in awe of the massive mountains rising straight up out of the sea. They also saw as many as 120 sea lions. They were also impressed by the geology of the area with large cliffs and granite formations. Leon says the last 24 hours was the first with no rain at all. He also mentioned he is craving a cold beer. They could be back in a couple of days but they will proably take their time. I've included a couple more of Rowland's photos taken as they paddled the same shoreline and a photo of the group stopping for lunch earlier in the trip.


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