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Still hut bound
Saturday, March 01, 2008

More northerly wind, so another day in the hut. Lots of cards to write and a short walk. Forecast for southerlies tomorrow but may be gale force unfortunately.

[alex on behalf of jc]


Blogger Michael said...

When weathered in, the Inuit used to say, 'always back out of the tent, that's the way to scare off the wind demons'. You might try that and see if it works at the bottom of the world as well as it does at the top... ;-)

3:26 pm  
Blogger kenny said...

Hey Barry! great to here the adventures going well. Got me hat back thx. Hope justines fully recovered after her hosp trauma.Jen, Lucy and rebecca send their love and luck. Rest and eat well both of you, and when we have a celebratory ice cream baz, dont forget your wallet, not that old chestnut!!Wishing you both health, happiness and a dash of good luck. Kenny

9:30 am  

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