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 Justine's Journal

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Downie Island
Friday, August 03, 2007

Leon called last night from their camp at Downie Island in the West Narrows. He didn't say but this days paddle was about 15 nm. On their 6.5 nm crossing of Englefield Bay, Leon said they saw at least 6 humpbacks with some of them splashing their tails. Then near the narrows around Chaatl Island, Leon got his wish and some travelers they met gave them 3 cold beers and some potato chips. Leon said they all felt both sad and happy their trip is nearly completed. I've included the last of the photos I have including a photo of Justine paddling in Skidegate channel, a totem pole from somewhere on Graham island I think and another shot of the 3 of them in Skedans. I look forward to seeing all of Justine's photography and hearing some of their stories. They should be in QC City today.


Anonymous rowland woollven said...

I presume by the time this goes up, you'll have finished - WELL DONE, cracking trip!! Hugs to Justine and Shawna, and ANOTHER cold beer to Leon!


7:34 pm  

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